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Are LED Lights Good For Outside?

Outdoor lighting plays a massive role in ensuring the safety of homes and businesses. Installing the right outdoor light fixtures in your home or business will go a long way towards preventing injuries and deterring crime. Above all, the right light fixture is all you need to transform a dull patio into a bright and lovely entertainment venue.

Many homeowners and business owners are now choosing LED lights over other lights, thanks to LED lighting popularity and affordability. Moreover, LED outdoor lighting is safer and brighter than traditional lighting fixtures. But, the popularity of LED lighting fixtures has also led to false rumors. One popular rumor that has been surrounding LED lights is that they can’t be installed outside. 

Today we will be discussing everything LED lights and whether LED lights can be used outside.

What Exactly Are LEDs And How Do They Work?

LED is short for light-emitting diode and its lighting fixtures are 90% more effective than traditional light bulbs. The main reason why LEDs are more efficient than incandescent light bulbs and other traditional lighting fixtures is how they work. LED lighting bulbs work by passing an electric current through a microchip. The microchip illuminates tiny light sources in the bulb known as a diode. LED bulbs also have a heat sink that absorbs heat to prevent overheating and other performance issues.

As a result, LEDs do not “burn out” or fail suddenly as is the case with incandescent and fluorescent lighting fixtures. However, LEDs can start to dim over time and efficiency can decrease by 30%. The good news is that it can last a lifetime since the only thing that will be affected is the output. When it comes to installation, LEDs are installed into bulbs and lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor lighting.

Since they are small in size, LEDs give homeowners and business owners the freedom to use unique designs. Some LED bulbs look like typical bulbs, while hybrid LED bulbs resemble traditional bulbs. The good thing with most LEDs is that they can fit a wide array of applications than typical lighting fixtures.

Can LED Lights Be Used For Outside Lighting?

Yes, LED lights can be used for outside lighting. Actually, LEDs are perfect for outdoor lighting than typical lighting fixtures. These bulbs can be used in various applications, including industrial, residential, and commercial lighting. Outdoor LED bulbs offer the same benefits as indoor LEDs while reducing maintenance needs and replacement costs.

Traditional lighting fixtures, on the other hand, require regular and expensive maintenance. Moreover, they need replacements every now and then making outdoor lighting costly and tedious. What is more, properties are at risk when traditional lighting fixtures fail unexpectedly.

Are LED Lights Good For Outside?

Almost every business owner and homeowner owns LED lights today. LEDs have grown in popularity due to the numerous benefits they offer. Let’s see why LED lights are perfect for outside:

Increased Energy Efficiency

Traditional lighting technology is not so efficient since it burns hot quickly. You probably know this if you have ever tried to change an incandescent bulb or metal-halide lump. These bulbs stretch your electrical system due to excessive heat. That is why they burn out quickly, forcing you to go back to your pocket to replace the bulbs.

Homeowners and business owners can now enjoy increased energy efficiency thanks to LEDs. The technology used in LED bulbs prevents excessive heat loss by using a semiconductor to convert electricity into light.


Homeowners and business owners don’t need to buy numerous outside lighting fixtures anymore, thanks to LED light bulbs. LED technology is efficient, which means that property owners can now use less wattage to keep their outside bright and safe. Above all, LEDs do not burn out, as is the case with traditional lighting fixtures.

More Options

Property owners have the convenience of choosing the ideal LED light bulbs for their property since these bulbs are available in various forms, colors, and shapes.

How To Choose The Best LED Lights For Your Outside Area

Like mentioned earlier, LED light bulbs come in various forms and types. Read on to discover some of the best choices for your home.

String Lights

LED string lights are small and strung together on a line. These lights bring personality and brightness into your outdoor space. They are perfect for you if you want to decorate your fire pit, patio, or porches. Check out our LED string lights.

LED 3-Piece Lights

LED removable bulbs can be used to light your outside and reduce energy wastage. However, keep them away from the harsh weather conditions to reap their benefits. Check out our top LED 3-piece light selection.

Key Takeaway

When shopping for LED lights for your outside, make sure to consider the IP rating, functionality, and UL safety certification. Purchasing suitable LEDs will keep your outside bright to deter crime and prevent injuries. Above all, they can transform your outdoor area and reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

Disclaimer: Our products are ROHS-compliant. This means that we are aware they may contain lead but do not exceed the allowable amounts.