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Are LED Lights More Affordable?

LED lights are relatively new but they’re already considered the best light bulbs on the market. Why? Because they’re stronger, last longer, and come in any color variation possible. Those are three important factors when buying LED lights for your home, but there is one more that stands above the others: Affordability.

What are LED lights?

First off, let’s go over what an LED light actually is. An LED is a type of light diode,  or tiny conduction device, instead of a filament. Unlike a filament, the diode produces light without getting extremely hot. It also uses less energy while producing brighter light than its counterpart.

LED lights are economical, versatile, and safer to use. Are you interested in learning more about how LEDs work and what makes them the best? Read our previous blog post on the subject here

Light string pricing

Most string lights use LED lights because of their durability. The pricing on light strings can vary depending on the color, style, and length. However, it’s safe to say that they are about $10-$30 for an average 10ft string. Click here to look at some of our products!

How do they compare?

You can find light strings on many e-commerce sites, but the quality will vary widely. It’s best to do ample research before purchasing anything online. Below are some of the factors you should keep an eye on when looking for LED string lights.


Wattage is a huge factor to consider when purchasing LED light strings. Wattage is a measurement of the amount of power emitted by a light bulb. The higher the wattage, the more power it is using to produce light.

Energy Efficiency:

Another factor to keep in mind when purchasing string lights is whether or not they have energy efficient ratings. Look at the product details and see if they have an Energy Star rating. Also check to make sure they are ROHS compliant. Both of these will tell you the light strings that you’re purchasing are great quality and will last a long time in your home.

Ask us

If you would like to know more about LED light strings, just ask us! At LED Lights Unlimited, we sell affordable LED lights for every occasion.

From helping towns and cities deck out an entire park for the holidays with custom LED lights, or helping individuals personalize an outdoor space for a party, our team is available to bring our customers’ ideas to life. All of our LED lights are Energy Star rated and ROHS compliant, so you know that the product you’re receiving is high quality.

Let us know your thoughts on LED lights and contact us today!

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