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Can LED Lights Be Used Outdoors?

Outdoor LED light setups have become quite popular in recent times. These lights make the already cozy outdoor spaces more welcoming with their luminous twinkle. However, many people are still confused about whether LED lights can be used outdoors or not. It is an important question, as there seems to be confusion about the safety of LED lights

Therefore, we are here to assure you that it is completely safe to use LED lights outdoors. With this article, you will learn just how you can use these beautiful lights outside your house or office. But first, let us explain what LED lights are and tell you their benefits. 

LED Lights and Their Benefits 

LED is an abbreviation for Light Emitting Diodes – it is a lightbulb that illuminates when currents run through it. Do not mistake them for incandescent light bulbs as they require heating a wire, also known as a filament, to light up. When you choose an LED light, keep in mind the quality of their sealing and outdoor rating. 

There are numerous benefits of using LED lights, such as: 

  • LED lights are easier to install than traditional bulbs 
  • LED lights emit a softer hue than other lights
  • LED lights use less power 
  • LED lights are very long-lasting

Ways to Use LED Lights Outdoor 

Even though LED lights have been around for many years, people still tend to think that they are for indoor use rather than outdoor. Following are a few ways you can use LED lights outdoors:

LED Lights to Add Color 

You can easily find LED lights that can change colors. You can select different colors using their remote control. Many LED lights also come in multicolor that constantly change their colors throughout the day. With this type of LED light, you can illuminate your house in any color you want, such as red and yellow for Christmas time and green for St. Patrick’s Day. 

LED lights are perfect for getting in the holiday spirit with their seasonally appropriate colors and making your parties super special! 

LED Lights Can Add Sparkle to Your Pool 

Home pools tend to have some lighting in them. So, you can use LED lights to make your pool sparkle. Waterproof LED strips are great to light up your home pool as they are flexible and can easily fit on the edges of the rectangular, round or irregular-shaped pool. These lights also change colors by just a single press of a button on the remote control, which enhances the ambience. 

These LED lights look extra stunning in the pool as the water creates a lovely dispersion of lights for the strips.

Illuminate Walkways with LED Lights 

You can make walking safe for people around your property by using LED lights to illuminate the walkways. You can illuminate the walkways with the traditional LED bulbs that give off a plain white light or choose multiple colors to add fun and excitement to the overall look. 

LED Lights come in weatherproof, waterproof and color-changing models. These lights can easily be curved according to the shape of your walkways because of their flexibility. 

Make Outdoor Dinners Extra Special 

We all love hosting dinners with our family and friends. LED lights can make these outdoor dinners even better with their fun colors and improve your mood. And do you know the best part? LED lights do not attract insects, which means you can have dinner without any worries! 

Why are LED Lights Great for Outdoor Use? 

  1. Bright and Clear Light – LED lights provide clear, white light. These lights are extremely strong and can last up to 25 years. You can also adjust the color temperature of these LED lights to create warm colors or bright colors. 
  2. Energy Efficiency – LEDs transform electricity directly into light with a semiconductor. It does not create any wasted heat, and every watt of energy that goes into the lamp is used to create light. 
  3. Variety of Styles – LED lights come in various shapes and forms that are great for decorating the outdoor part of your property. 


LED lights are perfect for outdoor lighting as they offer great illumination and are energy efficient. Whether you are looking to decorate your outdoor space with lights or replace your current lights, LED lights are the best option for you. 

At LED Lights Unlimited, we get your vision and want to help you brighten your outdoor space with the best LED lights in the market. Contact us now to choose from the wide selection of colors, lengths and sizes of LED lights. Our team is always ready to help you get your order started to decorate your outdoor backyard, garden, and more!

Disclaimer: Our products are ROHS-compliant. This means that we are aware they may contain lead but do not exceed the allowable amounts.