Different Types of LED Lights


Homeowners today have more lighting options than ever before, with types of LED lights being some of the most popular. LEDs are known for their energy efficiency and long life, meaning they can save people both money and time when compared to traditional bulbs.  Consumers are now able to find LED lights in nearly any…

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Can You Cut Excess LED Strip Lights?

can you cut led string lights

Is it safe to cut off the excess from your LED light strips? This is a question that plagues many home decorators because of the difficulty in finding lights cut to the exact length needed.  The fact is, that most LED light strips can be cut safely and used normally afterward. But with so many…

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Fairy Lights vs String Lights: What’s The Difference

fairy lights vs string lights

Have you ever heard of fairy lights and wondered about the difference of fairy lights vs string lights? Wonder no more! In this article, we clear up common misconceptions about these and a few other decorative lights. So if you are in the market for a novel lighting solution for your indoor or outdoor space,…

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Pergola String Light Ideas

Pergolas are excellent additions to any outdoor living space. They can truly liven up any garden or patio, especially when arranged to complement your home design. But there is a way to kick things up a notch and add more allure. Adding pergola string lights is a cost-effective option that makes an already attractive feature even…

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What Is The Best Way To Light A Patio?

Has your patio seen better days? Are you looking to transform it into an outdoor space that you can be proud of and that you and your family can enjoy? A few well-placed lights could be just what you need to turn your patio from drab to fab!  Installing lighting fixtures not only changes the…

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Ways To Hang Wedding String Lights

Good lighting ranks right up there alongside flowers, food, and atmosphere as essential elements for setting the perfect mood for your wedding day. Also known as “twinkle” or “bistro” lights, string lights have become virtually synonymous with wedding lighting and are perennial favorites in many places around the world.  Why are string lights so popular?…

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Ways To Run Power To Your Outdoor String Lights

power and outdoor string lights

Congratulations on your nice new outdoor space! Whether it is a backyard, patio, or deck, having an area where you can kick back and relax is truly one of life’s greatest pleasures.  But don’t get too comfortable just yet. If you plan on spending quality time out there at night, you will need adequate lighting.…

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Why You Should Add Lighting To Your Landscaping Plans

outdoor lighting and landscaping

Anyone who is at all serious about landscaping would do well to incorporate lighting into the planning process as soon as possible. Many landscapers treat lighting as an afterthought: something to illuminate the work that they’ve already done.  But lighting is much more than a means to show off your design creativity and inventiveness. It…

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Decorating Your Backyard: Lights And More

Eye-catching lighting fixtures are essential for good landscape design. Even a modest backyard space can be transformed into a magical wonderland with the proper illumination. Choose the right lights and install them correctly, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much nicer your backyard will look.  What is the best way to illuminate a backyard?…

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