Pergola String Light Ideas

Pergolas are excellent additions to any outdoor living space. They can truly liven up any garden or patio, especially when arranged to complement your home design. But there is a way to kick things up a notch and add more allure. Adding pergola string lights is a cost-effective option that makes an already attractive feature even more appealing. 

Here are some ideas for illuminating your pergola with string lights to make them even more fabulous! 

Dreamy Romance Lighting 

Ignite the flames of love and passion with some romantic lighting. An elegant combination of chandeliers, candle-type lighting, and industrial string lights is exactly what you need to create a cozy and romantic nook for your special someone. Go for a mix of different lights for a more subtle ambiance and a welcoming feel. 

Smart Lights 

Smart devices are everywhere nowadays. On the home front, smart technology can be found in everything from security systems to entertainment centers. It is especially well-suited for lighting systems, many of which will be ideal for your pergola. From in-ground models to overhead strings and even wall fixtures, they all offer the convenience and efficiency of voice or app control.

Stairway To The Stars 

How would you like a lighted stairway leading to and from your pergola? Apart from illuminating the path for safety, it also adds greatly to the character of your space. You could opt for built-in or pathway lights, which help reinforce your pergola’s design. There are even solar stairway lights that can save you a bundle on lighting costs. 

Integrated Lighting 

Consider installing integrated lighting with the wiring concealed in your pergola’s framework for a more subdued look. This should create a cleaner, more minimalistic look that blends nicely with modern home designs. This lighting scheme will also have a more professional appearance without unsightly wires and fixtures sticking out to ruin your pergola’s aesthetic value. 

Whimsical Fairy Lights 

There’s no reason why you should have to resort to the traditional bulky bulbs for illuminating your pergola. So-called fairy lights are subtler and more delicate, so your lighting won’t disturb the balance of your carefully planned exterior design. They also produce much less light than common alternatives, so you get to enjoy the night sky when the stars are out. 

Subtle LED Strips 

As you may have gathered, subtlety is a common theme for many of these lighting options. If none of the other suggestions have struck a chord in you, why not consider installing LED light strips? These are the least obtrusive lighting choices available by far and yet still provide adequate illumination for most spaces. And when installed close to a wall, the reflected glow will provide another element that could be the perfect finishing touch for your pergola design.

Make sure when using LED strips that you use strips with an external 12v power supply for optimal longevity of use.

Charming Paper Lanterns 

Paper lanterns have a way of adding charm and festivity to any setting. They can do the same for your pergola, with the added advantage of working equally well during the day or night. White ball lanterns can look especially impressive on a bright sunny day, especially with plenty of lush greenery as a backdrop. At night, battery-powered LED lights inside the lanterns provide a marvelous glow. 

Traditional Outdoor String Lights 

We’ve focused on more modern and novel options thus far, but there is something to be said about tradition! The old-school string lights with glass bulbs are still excellent options, and they might just be the right touch for your pergola. They are versatile, easy to install, and probably the most cost-effective light solutions available. You could even vary the number of light strings you install to have more‒or less‒illumination.

Classy Pendant Lights 

Look into pendant lights that can be the main focal point of your pergola. Large pendants are especially impressive and will make a bold, definitive statement that your guests will surely admire. 

Shimmering Curtain Lights 

Finally, consider LED curtain lights for a truly marvelous look. Whether you use them as accents or a lavish backdrop, the result will definitely be stunning. 

As you can see, there are many ways to light up your pergola and make it even more visually attractive. The good news is that most of these options are pretty affordable, so you can greatly enhance the appeal of your outdoor space even on a modest budget. If you already have a pergola and want to take it to the next level, consider any of these stylish lighting options!