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Ways To Hang Your String Lights Outdoors

Are you thinking of lighting up your patio, deck, or backyard to make it look more inviting? Or maybe you simply want to add more functionality to your recreational area? Whatever your reasons, hanging string lights is the best way to enhance your outdoor space. 

There are many ways by which you could hang string lights outdoors. For example, you may hang them from trees, from your deck railing, from posts, and so on. You could even hang string lights temporarily for a charming and dazzling effect for special occasions. 

Check out these tips on how you could liven up your outdoor space with led string lights

Hanging String Lights From Trees

Who doesn’t love the sight of a lavishly decorated tree complete with sparkling string lights? Hanging your lights from trees is a great way to illuminate your backyard, and it results in a captivating, almost magical spectacle besides. Position them properly, and it will almost seem as if your trees are covered in stars or fireflies. 

Think about what effect you are trying to achieve when stringing up your lights. Pulling them tautly will result in a more structured and formal look while leaving them hanging loose will give you a more casual and relaxed appearance. 

LED lights usually work best for these applications. They will last longer as well, so you can leave your lights up permanently if you wish. 

Hanging String Lights From Deck Railings

Another option is to hang your lights from your deck railings. This is a fairly simple matter if your railings are made of wood, as you could use hooks or staples to mount the wires. 

You will need enough lights to run the entire length of your deck. You could also illuminate only the main section while leaving the rest of the structure open. 

Don’t forget to check whether the plug at the end of the string light can reach the nearest power outlet. If necessary, you may have to use an extension cord rated for outdoor use. 

Hanging String Lights From Your Exterior Walls

But what if you don’t have trees or a deck? No worries! You could still attach your string lights from your exterior walls using hooks or other wall anchors. Position your lights strategically, and there’s no reason why the effect wouldn’t be as impressive as a fully illuminated garden or backyard deck. 

For this option to work, you will need surfaces made of wood or stucco. These are usually soft enough so that you could attach the appropriate anchors securely. You might consider using a combination of staples and hooks, which generally provide the most stable hold. Even if you hang your lights overhead, the anchors aren’t likely to come off. 

Hanging String Lights From Posts

If you prefer not to hang lights from your exterior walls but don’t have trees or a deck close by, you could hang them from posts. Pressure-treated posts measuring 8” long are ideally suited for this purpose and are available at many home improvement stores. 

For this to work, you will need large and heavy containers that won’t tip over with the weight of the posts. You can use fast-setting concrete to set the posts in the container and then attach some hooks near the top from which you will hang your string lights. 

Installing String Lights Temporarily 

You don’t necessarily have to leave your string lights up permanently. If you would rather keep your lights from being exposed to the elements, you could put them up only when you have a special occasion planned. 

If you are placing your lights on trees, walls, or posts, a staple gun will come in handy. This will allow you to hang your string lights without the anchor points being too visible, which is always preferable for temporary installations. 

If you plan on placing your lights under your deck railing, consider using painter’s tape. This provides a secure enough hold for temporary installations and will be easy enough to remove later on. Of course, it would be best to use lighter-weight string lights for this application to prevent them from peeling the tape off. 

These are only a few ways by which you could hang string lights outdoors. As you can see, there are many options for illuminating your outdoor space stylishly. With a bit of imagination and creativity, your backyard parties could be the talk of the town. At the very least, you will have a great-looking spot to relax in at night.  

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