Quik Klips™ & Accessories

Quik Klips & Accessories

Light installation is simple and fast with Quik Klips, an easy-to-use mechanism that makes snapping those string lights up a breeze.

Our team created the trademark Quik Klips and accessories many years ago, after one too many frustrating holiday seasons. For too many years, we were nailing string lights to our roofs, causing lasting damage and frustration. Instead, Quik Klips present an easy, fast solution!

It’s simple to string lights along any building with the Quik Klip. The clip attaches to any flat, wood surfaces, including fences, posts, window and door frames, rooflines — anywhere you can imagine! Then each time you want to add lights, simply slide the string of lights into the locking mechanism.  Your lights will be taut each year and look like a professional installation job. Leave the clip connected to your roof or building year after year for fast installation and easy removal.

You’ll want to decorate for more than the Christmas holiday, now that putting up lights is such a breeze!