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Are LED Lights Safe for Pets?

Taking care of our furry loved ones is a big responsibility. We want them to be safe and happy in our homes and that means we do everything we can to give them the best food, toys, and loving home possible. Technology makes this process easier for us with great online delivery services and useful…

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5 Ways to Use LED Lights in Your Home This Spring

Thinking about changing things up in your home this spring? That’s great! Each spring, many people like to change their home decor or style to welcome a new year of potential. One great way to do this is with lighting. Lighting is a great way to add character and excitement to your home. This is…

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Creative Ways to Hang LED Light Strings

With the holidays just around the corner, you’re probably starting to think about Christmas decor and all the ways you’re going to blow last year’s decorations out of the water. If so, join the club! Everyone is eager to spread Christmas cheer this year, even if the entire process can be overwhelming.  Are you finding…

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LED Lighting Safety Tips

Installing any light bulb or using any light string can have its fair share of dangers. From electricity to fire, there are plenty of factors that need to be considered before you decide to simply “replace that bulb.” LEDs are great because they don’t exude the same amount of heat as their counterparts, making them…

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Can LEDs Grow Plants?

In an effort to become more aware of where our food is coming from, people these days are attempting to grow their food at home. In many ways, it can be both healthier and cheaper. Are you interested in using LED string lights to grow plants in your own home? Keep reading below as we…

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