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Holiday Lights

How to Keep Light Strings From Tangling

Christmas is over and that means it’s time to pack away all of the decorations for next year. It’s sad but inevitable! Worried that packing them away will be much more stressful than bringing them out? You’re not alone. Packing decorations away always seems to be harder than unpacking, especially when it comes to the…

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Creative Ways to Hang LED Light Strings

With the holidays just around the corner, you’re probably starting to think about Christmas decor and all the ways you’re going to blow last year’s decorations out of the water. If so, join the club! Everyone is eager to spread Christmas cheer this year, even if the entire process can be overwhelming.  Are you finding…

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Does LED Lighting Cause Holiday House Fires?

It’s easy to forget about safety when you’re decking the halls but it’s been statistically proven that house fires are more likely to occur during the winter months than any other time of the year. Due to this, it is highly important that you follow all safety precautions during the holiday season to keep your…

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Christmas Decor Made Easy with LED String Lights

Christmas is almost here and while the elves are busy making toys, we’re all busy decorating our homes. Some people choose to go all out with their Christmas decor and others choose to go the more simple route. Whatever your preference, you’re probably overwhelmed by all the ideas thrown at you by the media and…

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Ways to Use LED String Lights As Halloween Decor

Who said Christmas gets to have all the fun? With Halloween right around the corner, there are plenty of reasons to pull out some LED string lights and deck the spooky halls! Whether it’s for a haunted house or your own living room, there are bound to be some ways to horror-fy your friends and…

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LED Lighting Safety Tips

Installing any light bulb or using any light string can have its fair share of dangers. From electricity to fire, there are plenty of factors that need to be considered before you decide to simply “replace that bulb.” LEDs are great because they don’t exude the same amount of heat as their counterparts, making them…

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