Common LED Light Problems & What To Do

common led light problems

Have you ever had trouble with your LED lights? Whether it’s flickering, buzzing noises, or an inability to dim them properly, it can be incredibly DIY-frustrating. It’s now a common problem for homeowners and business owners alike who have switched over to energy-efficient bulbs. In this blog, we’ll be exploring common LED light problems and discussing ways to fix them. From installation issues to power compatibility, we’re covering all angles so that you can make sure your LED lights stay fully operational. Stay tuned as we help unlock the mystery of LED lighting maintenance!

Low Quality & Cheap LED Lights

When it comes to LED lights, buyers beware – they may be getting more than they bargained for. Lighting fixtures adorned with LED lights are the perfect way to add a bit of style and color to a room, but often times people are duped into buying cheap LED lights that don’t last long. While these may save you money initially, the costs in the long term can add up quickly as you replace these bulbs every other month or so. Always do your research when shopping for lighting fixtures and never choose an option solely based on cost – you could end up paying in other ways later down the line.

While these can sometimes be fixed, the issues often lie in the cheap materials and poor construction that these lights have.

Wrong Colors Are Common LED Light Problems

RGB LED strips often display the wrong colors due to an issue with their wiring or the LED controller. It pays to take a moment to inspect the wiring, as going through it can be a very useful maintenance routine that helps prevent potential problems. If there are any signs of damage or improper connections, replacements should be made right away in order to keep the light strip functioning properly. Doing this can also save time on having to troubleshoot the issue when it arises again in the future.

Loose Bulbs

Flickering LED bulbs can be incredibly annoying, so make sure to check they’re installed properly in the fixture. When installing LEDs, ensure that the bulb is firmly placed in the socket rather than loose and rattling around. LED bulbs can harbor dust and dirt over time which can cause your lights to start flickering, so keeping them secure helps keep that dirt out and provides a longer lifespan of illumination. 

Buzzing Lights

If you’ve ever heard an LED light emitting a loud buzzing noise, then you know just how grating it can be on one’s ears. It’s an issue more common than most people think, and it can be especially troubling for light sleepers and those sensitive to sound. Fortunately, the issue is usually fixable without having to throw out the entire fixture. Most often, this kind of sound is happening due to an overloaded circuit which causes the lights to flicker and detect fluctuations in power. In any case, no one wants their last view before sleep or waking up in the morning to be that of an annoying light bulb making an unbearable noise!

Dim LED Lights

LED dimming is one of the most common problems associated with LED lighting. It can be caused when the LED is improperly manufactured or isn’t designed correctly, but it is also a sign that an LED has already been overused. If you have an LED light that is dimming unexpectedly, it could be time to find a replacement. The good news is that properly made LEDs should last for up to 5-10 years with proper use and maintenance, so finding the cause of dimming lights may help improve their longevity in the future.

Overheating LED Lights

High temperatures and LEDs don’t mix– it can reduce the lifespan of your lights significantly! While LEDs are permanently sealed, heat can still build up around them and cause irreparable damage. If you notice your lights starting to overheat, there are both short-term and long-term solutions available. In the short term, use fans or an air conditioner nearby to reduce temperature immediately; in fact, this could even be enough to extend their life span. For longer-term solutions, rearrange LED lighting away from hot areas to keep temperatures low and in a manageable range.

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