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How to String Lights on a Boat

Lighting up boats for events has become increasingly popular in recent years. Stringing lights on a boat makes for a fun and festive atmosphere. You can decorate your boat with LEDs and a lighting controller. It allows your boat to be lit up with a single accent color for a cool glow, cycle through different colors, and can make the lights pulse to the beat of the music playing over the speakers. 

Do you want to know how you can string lights on a boat? Well, the following are some ways you can put on a light show on your boat. 

Light Bars for your Wake Tower 

A light bar that has multi color lights can make your boat look exciting and inviting. Connect it to the light controller, and you get to control how the light illuminates your boat.

Speakers with LEDs

Many boats now come with speakers that have built-in multicolor LEDs. You do not have to install extra equipment as you can get speakers that already feature accent lighting. You can customize the accents the way you want. These speakers with LEDs make the environment festival-like during a late night party. They also dance to the beat of the music, which is perfect for a boat party! 

LED strips for subtle accents 

A spool or two of LED strips can get you amazing lighting effects for your boat’s gunwales, under consoles, behind panels, and anywhere else you want to string lights. The best part about these is that they are flexible, and you can even trim them and customize them to the size you want! 

Stringing these LED strips on your boat is extremely easy, and they provide you with the best lighting effects.

Method of Installing Lights on your Boat 

Following are a few ways you can provide power to the lights you string on a boat: 

Power Inverter 

Power inverters invert the power from your battery’s DC to AC. These inverters have spring clamps that can clip to a boat’s battery terminal and can also be plugged into a power outlet. Power inverters work best with LED lights because a string of 100 mini-LED lights takes up about 7 watts of power. 

A power inverter is quite simple to use and makes use of the power your boat’s engine is already generating. Moreover, this inverter is quieter than a generator and your boat’s engine so that you can enjoy your time on the boat without any unpleasant noise pollution. 

Twelve Volt Lights 

Twelve-volt lights can be powered from the boat’s starting battery. However, you can also use extra batteries to power them. You can power boat lights, automobiles, flashlights and much more with this method. 


It is the most common method for stringing lights on a boat. You can place a portable gasoline generator on the boat. The generator can power any amount of lights and decorations, but that solely depends on the size of the generator. The generator works best with older incandescent lights because they tend to draw more power. The only downside to this method is the amount of noise a generator makes. 

Old School 

The old school method of stringing lights on your boat includes lantern type decorations, which you can light with flashlights. You can string these around your boat and create a beautiful atmosphere. Furthermore, you can also take the modern route and use light sticks as decoration for your boat. 

There are numerous possibilities and routes you could take; all you need to do is let your imagination free! 

Lighting Your Boat 

Boats are always a fun place to hang out and host parties. Stringing your boat with lights can make it look more beautiful. These lights make for the perfect decoration for nighttime events and parties. 

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Disclaimer: Our products are ROHS-compliant. This means that we are aware they may contain lead but do not exceed the allowable amounts.