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Will An LED Light Charge A Solar Watch?

The Solar watch, with only requiring one resource to run smoothly, i.e., solar energy, is a great accessory not only for fashion but also for utility. What if you are in a pinch and your solar watch needs an urgent recharge, but you do not have access to any sort of sunlight? That takes us to the question:

Will an LED light charge a solar watch? 

Yes, absolutely! LED lights are capable of charging a solar watch. 

However, charging these solar watches could be somewhat more challenging than simply exposing them to sunlight, particularly if you have access to only one LED light. In order to ensure you are making the most efficient use of your watch, this article will enlighten you with all the important things that you need to understand about charging solar watches with LED lights.

Solar Watch Charging

Quite often, a lot of solar watch owners experiment with various methods to recharge them. Even though solar watches are easy to charge through natural sunlight, at times, people find themselves in situations where they don’t really have access to sunlight to recharge their solar watches. And that’s where the LED light comes in to play.

Perhaps a particular place doesn’t have adequate sunlight exposure for charging a solar watch. Perhaps you are in a pinch and need just a small amount of power – but do not have the time to take off the watch from your wrist, or perhaps you are a vampire! Whatever it may be, we understand!

Using LED light to Charge solar watches 

The cat’s out of the bag by now; you understand that there are two methods of charging a solar watch: through sunlight or LED light. While the process of charging through sunlight is relatively simple, let’s have a detailed look at how to charge solar watches using an LED source. 

Recharging solar watches with LED light

Here’s how to charge your solar watch through an LED light:

Most solar watches come with an indicator that displays the current level of charge. Perhaps, you might even observe that the buttons aren’t working. Or, in case your charge icon says zero, your watch needs urgent charging.

Next, put your solar watch close to the LED light. Compared to others, smaller LED bulbs are the most effective and the most secure for a solar watch. 

But, regardless of what LED light you opt for, place the solar watch at a distance of a minimum of twenty inches from the LED source and let it charge in peace—the 20 inches distance assists in protecting your watch from getting hampered by the chosen method.

Safeguarding the Solar Watch

Just like there are pros and cons to everything, charging with an LED light source has its own benefits and risks as well. While an LED source is perfect for your solar watch if you’re in a pinch or short on time, it has some potential risks as well if not used correctly. And to ensure you are recharging your solar watch securely with an LED source, use low lux, smaller bulbs. They produce low heat and help your solar watch charge with ease!