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Hoping to Use Your LED Christmas Lights Throughout the Year? Here’s How!

If you’re sad to see your LED Christmas lights head back into their storage containers, you’re not alone. It’s always sad to pack the holidays back up for the next year! What if we told you that you didn’t have to put them away, though?

There are plenty of ways you can use your LED Christmas lights throughout the year. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and imagination. To find out more, keep reading below!

Alternative ways to use your LED Christmas lights

There are so many different ways you can use your LED Christmas lights throughout the year. Some require crafting, some require imagination, but they all give you an excuse to skip the packing this year in exchange for some festive fun. Below are just a few of our favorite ways you can use your LED Christmas lights:

Crafts and decor

Did you know that LED Christmas lights are perfect for crafts and decor? There are plenty of things you can make to decorate your home throughout the year, or to give as gifts. For instance, check out these lighted wine bottles. They’re great for kitchen and dining decor! Or, consider putting them above your cabinets in your kitchen for mood lighting at night. 

Use them for special occasions

If you’re looking for a great way to use LED Christmas lights, you should also consider special occasions and events. For example, LED string lights are great for birthdays and weddings. They’re very affordable and can easily transform a space in just a few minutes of time. 


Hoping to decorate a wedding with string lights? Consider wrapping your lights around pillars for dramatic lighting. You can also make backdrops by taking string lights and hanging them behind curtains. Additionally, you can:

Hang string lights on walls or above tables

Create unique table centerpieces

Use string lights to create walls and define spaces

Decorate landscaping to light up the event space

Create a unique outdoor oasis

Who doesn’t want to have an outdoor oasis to enjoy over the summer? We definitely do! That’s why we recommend using your LED Christmas lights to jazz up your outdoor living space for some much needed fun over the summer. To do this, all you need to do is decorate your patio and landscaping.

Patio lighting

Transforming a patio has never been easier. Just use your string lights to wrap pillars and pergolas. Then, suspend lights over your patio space and across tables. Not only will the lights make the space much more romantic and enjoyable, but they’ll also add light so you can sit outside all night if you want. 


While you’re at it, you can also add string lights to your landscaping. For example, you can use string lights to line pathways in the dark. You can also decorate trees and hedges to give your yard a magical feel. 

Decorate for other holidays

Why do LED string lights have to be only for Christmas decorations? We think they make a great addition to any holiday decorations! If you like to experience the pure magic of string lighting throughout the entire year, you should use your string lights to decorate for other holidays. Some great ways to do this are:

Use red string lights for Valentines day! They give everything a red glow and your partner will love them.

Green string lights are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Put them up in your home and have a potluck party to celebrate!

4th of July is all about fireworks – why not celebrate the occasion by bringing some pops of color into your home. Put up red, white, and blue string lights and have a barbecue with friends and family. 

Halloween is a great time for LED lighting – orange, green, and purple are all great colors to use during the spookiest night of the year!

Keep your tree up year long!

Hoping for a unique way to use your LED string lights? A relatively new trend popping up recently is the year-long Christmas tree. Never heard of it? Basically, people are leaving their Christmas tree up all year long. They decorate it for the year’s holidays and enjoy its festive beauty throughout the months. 

For example, they’ll put pastel lights and eggs on it for Easter, red/white/blue lights on it for the 4th of July, and orange/purple lights with spooky decor for Halloween. You’ll probably get a few weird looks from non-believers but it’s a great way to celebrate all the year’s holidays (and get out of packing and unpacking the Christmas tree every year!)

Invest in LED Christmas Lights

Are you ready to start using LED Christmas lights throughout the year? If so, make sure you invest in some high-quality lights that are sure to stand the test of time. At LED Lights Unlimited, we understand the importance of having strong, durable string lights. That’s why we offer the best of the best, with many different color options, sizes, shapes, etc.

Don’t use just any string lights – contact us today for the very best that lighting has to offer!

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