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3 Reasons Why You Should Leave Your Plastic Gutter Hooks Up All Year

Are you currently getting ready to take down your Christmas decorations? If so, you might want to consider leaving your plastic gutter hooks in place. Why, you might ask? Well, because leaving them up all year has some great benefits. It also means one less thing you have to take down after the holidays!

For more information on plastic gutter hooks and why you should leave them up all year long, keep reading below.

What are plastic gutter hooks?

Plastic gutter hooks are hooks that attach to most rain gutters. They’re great for LED Christmas lights and they come in multiple sizes. For example, you can get double gutter hooks that hold several strands of lights instead of just one. Most people invest in gutter hooks to make Christmas decorating much easier over the holidays.

3 reasons to leave plastic gutter hooks up

While it makes sense to take Christmas decor down after the holidays, there are several reasons why you might want to leave the plastic gutter hooks up long after the lights go back in the attic. These include their subtle design, durability, and function. 

They’re barely noticeable

Gutter hooks are designed to blend into your home’s natural coloring and roofline. They are generally clear or white plastic and you won’t even be able to see them unless you’re looking for them. Since they’re barely noticeable on your roof, leaving plastic gutter hooks up all year long won’t make your home look funky or out of place. No one will even know they’re up there!

They’re extremely durable (weather)

In addition to being barely noticeable, gutter hooks are very durable. They last approximately 3-4 years depending on the weather and once you hook them onto your gutters, you can leave them knowing they’re safe and secure. Just make sure that if you get snow pileup that you clear it carefully to make sure you don’t break off any of the hooks in the process. 

They make decorating easier

Lastly (but most importantly!), leaving your plastic gutter hooks up all year long means that decorating for the holidays next year is going to be infinitely easier. Instead of having to replace the hooks and then hang the LED Christmas lights, the hooks will already be where you want them and you just have to put the lights accordingly. This saves so much time and patience!

Buy plastic gutter hooks today!

Leaving plastic gutter hooks up all year long is starting to sound like a great idea, isn’t it? If you’re interested in buying some hooks for your own home, look no further than LED Lights Unlimited. We offer gutter hooks in several varieties to fit all of your hanging needs.

Don’t make Christmas decorating any harder than it needs to be –  call us today to invest in plastic gutter hooks for your home!

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