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Christmas Decor Made Easy with LED String Lights

Christmas is almost here and while the elves are busy making toys, we’re all busy decorating our homes. Some people choose to go all out with their Christmas decor and others choose to go the more simple route. Whatever your preference, you’re probably overwhelmed by all the ideas thrown at you by the media and local stores. Sound like you? Don’t worry!

Ready for a Unique Change?

If you’re looking for some easy and simple ways to make Christmas decor this year, you should consider using LED string lights. They’re easy, affordable, and festive, and they make the entire decorating process so simple. For more information on LED Christmas lights and how to decorate with them, keep reading below!

Christmas Decor Ideas

Want some ideas for how to use LED string lights in your Christmas decor? Below are our top 5 ways to use LED string lights in your home this holiday season.

Home exterior

This one seems obvious but think about it. LED string lights are not only great because they come in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, but they are also brighter and tougher than most string lights. This means that they can withstand freezing temps outside far better than their counterparts. Additionally, they don’t produce near as much energy per strand. This means that you can connect more together on a signal circuit, making the decorating process much more stress-free. No more blowing fuses!

Stair banisters

You’ve probably seen garland along staircases but have you considered LED string lights on the staircases? Imagine it – you walk into your home and the first thing you see is green or red lighting all the way up the stairs, bathing the room in a warm glow that feels completely welcoming and festive. Sounds beautiful, right? It is! And, it’s a lot more affordable (and cleaner!) than garland!


Still prefer the look of garland? Consider adding LED string lights inside of your garland. How magical would that be?!

Kitchen cabinets

Another great place to add LED Christmas lights is above or below your kitchen cabinets. This is a great way to add decor into a room that you’d like to dress up but still keep functional. Thus, add a few strands above the cabinets. A great set to choose is one attached to a remote, with color changing options. This way, you can have a green one day and red the next. Or both!  

Repurposed bottles

Feeling a little crafty? Try making some Christmas decor bottles with LED string lights. These adorable (and easy!) bottles are made by taking empty wine bottles, decorating the exterior, and then adding a strand of LED string lights inside for an ambient glow. The best part is, you can make as many of them as you want and then you can place them throughout your home. Think on the mantle, the kitchen table, the front porch, etc. 

Unique LED Lights

Looking to invest in some unique LED lights this holiday season? Look no further than LED Lights Unlimited! We offer unique LED lights of all shapes and sizes, colors and lengths. Whether it’s for your exterior siding or for your Christmas crafts, we are sure to have something for you.


So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to find your perfect LED string lights this holiday season!

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