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Ways to Use LED String Lights As Halloween Decor

Who said Christmas gets to have all the fun? With Halloween right around the corner, there are plenty of reasons to pull out some LED string lights and deck the spooky halls! Whether it’s for a haunted house or your own living room, there are bound to be some ways to horror-fy your friends and family this Fall.

Need some fun ideas for ways to use LED string lights this Halloween? If so, keep reading below.

carved pumpkins glowing at night

5 Easy Halloween Decor Ideas

There are tons of ways you can use LED string lights to spruce up your home for Halloween this year. Below are our top 5 decor ideas that are sure to take your house over the top:

  1. Home and yard

    • Decorating the exterior of your home, as well as your yard, is a great way to take your Halloween decor up a notch. With LED string lights, you can decorate along the eaves of your house, similar to your Christmas decor. You can also create yard scenes by garnishing bushes and trees with spooky lights. Whatever you do, it’s sure to wow the neighbors during trick or treat.
  2. Pumpkins

    • If you’re looking to try something new this year, you should consider using LED string lights to deck out your pumpkins. To do this, just carve them like normal in whatever pattern or face you’d like. Then, cut a small hole in the back of the pumpkin to allow the light strand to connect to an outlet. Finally, plop a set of LED string lights down inside and plug it in. No more worrying about candle flames burning out! You can also get LEDs that change color for a more dramatic effect.
  3. Pathways

    • Planning a haunted house or just looking to add dramatic lighting to your front entry? You can use LED lights to decorate the pathways leading up to your front porch. Either place stakes in the ground and wind the strands around them, or place lanterns, pumpkins, etc on the ground and put the lights inside. It’s all up to you and your imagination.  To take it up a notch further, you can also add some fake cobwebs and spiders, or even some smoke!
  4. Garlands

    • Garlands are not just for Christmas these days. Create some Halloween-themed garland for your home by taking some burlap ribbon (you can get this in any color imaginable) and wrapping it around LED string lights. Then, you can place them around doorways (including your front door) or on your fireplace mantel for a dramatic backlighting effect. 
  5. Glass blocks

    • Looking for some easy table decor that you can use, other than pumpkins? Try making a Halloween-style glass block. You can find hollow glass blocks at any craft store. They come with a hole in the bottom that you can then stuff things into. For Halloween, place orange LED lights inside with pumpkin face decals outside for a fun twist on a jack o’lantern. Or, use purple and green for a Frankenstein. Whatever you’d like, there are tons of possibilities. 

LED String Light Safety

With any LED lighting project, it’s important to be safe. While LED string lights use far less wattage than any other light bulb on the market, there is still the potential for misuse. Therefore, it’s imperative that you take extra caution when connecting string lights and hanging them safely. 

Connecting string lights

There are a lot of details to consider when thinking about connecting multiple string light strands. Before you go connecting them all together, you should consider the following:


LEDs have lower wattage than most bulbs, but that doesn’t mean they are safe to connect together in mass amounts. Look at the packaging on your LED light strings to see what each strand’s wattage is, or check the manufacturer’s website for details. 

Circuit capacity

Another factor to consider when thinking of light safety is the circuit capacity. The last thing you want is to plug in your lights and blow a fuse! Most homes have circuits with 15 or 20 amps, and about 120 volts. To determine how many lights you can safely connect on one circuit, read more here (link to other blog)

Hanging them safely

Once you’ve determined how many lights you can connect safely, then you are ready to hang them. Especially when hanging lights from tall trees and fences, it’s important to take precautions. Use ladders properly and ask for assistance if possible. Take your time and always make sure you’re putting your safety first. 

Purchase LED String Lights

So, are you ready to start decorating for Halloween? We certainly are! At LED Lights Unlimited, we pride ourselves on helping you bring your decorating vision to life. We offer lights of all kinds, including custom LED lights, commercial LED lights, and more.

Want to find the perfect LED string lights for Halloween? Call us today, we’d be happy to help you pick out the perfect set!

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