Fact or Myth – Are LED Lights Bad for Your Health?

Have you ever heard someone say that LEDs are bad for you? A lot of people question whether LEDs are bad for your health because they’re so different from any other bulb currently on the market. While every new product comes with a new set of benefits, they also come with a set of questions.

Are you curious about LED lights? If so, keep reading. Below, we’ll dive into the question, “Are LED Lights bad for your health” so you can have an answer once and for all!

Benefits of LED lights

To begin with, there are tons of benefits to LED lights. That’s why millions of people use them each year! Below are just a few:


Did you know that an LED light bulb can last 8-10 times longer than an average fluorescent light bulb? It’s true! LEDs are made with diodes rather than filaments. These diodes produce the same amount of light as other light bulbs on the market but with far less energy. So, they can last years longer than any other light bulb on the market. 


In addition to lasting far longer than any other light bulb, LEDs are also extremely eco-friendly. They use 90% less energy on a daily basis, which in turn affects the energy consumption of the entire planet. To put that in perspective, they’re reducing millions of carbon emissions being each year!


LED lights aren’t just for your ceilings and lamps. Did you know that LED string lights exist? They are extremely versatile and can be used throughout your home or business for various applications. Use them in kitchens, bars, patios, and more! 


Need a very specific color for your light bulb or light strings? No problem! Unlike other light bulbs, LEDs can create any light on the spectrum from the deepest reds to the brightest blues. This only increases their versatility and function for consumers.  

led lights bad for your health

LED Lights Bad For Your Health? Harmful Effects

While LED light bulbs offer incredible benefits, there are still a few concerns that consumers have. Mainly, people are concerned with any harmful effects they may have on our health overall. 

Are LED Lights Bad For Your Eyes

The first major concern people have about LEDs are regarding our eyes. Since LEDs are so bright, there are questions whether or not they can do damage to our eyes if used overtime. Don’t worry, though. The short answer to this is no, they won’t hurt your eyes. 

This concern comes from the LED bulb’s use of blue light. Blue light is what our eyes react to during the day. In short, it tells our circadian rhythms that it’s time to “stay awake.” An exposure to extremely high levels of this light can potentially cause eye disease. However, this isn’t a concern for the average user. It can only become a problem for people who have existing eye conditions.

LEDs use the same amount of blue light that our smartphones, computers, and tablets use. If you’re fine with using electronics, then your light bulbs should be perfectly fine as well. 

Medical conditions

In addition to existing eye diseases, LEDs are said to cause trouble for people with existing medical conditions associated with migraines and seizures. This is because most LEDs produce a very faint, barely detectable flicker. Don’t worry – this flicker is so fast (generally 120 times a second) that you’re not going to notice it at all. However, some people with high sensitivity to eye strain, fatigue, headaches, and seizures may find them problematic.

 Take this one with a grain of salt. As mentioned, the flicker is so minimal that you’re never going to notice it. Therefore, the chances of it bothering anyone are slim to none. 

Disrupted Sleep

Lastly, some people are concerned that LEDs can disrupt normal sleeping patterns. There is some level of truth to this. Remember we mentioned that they use blue light? Well, blue light signals our brains that it’s “awake” time. So using them excessively, especially at night, may cause your eyes to strain and your mind to speed up rather than slow down. 

However, it is important to note that electronics use the same level of blue light as LEDs. If you constantly stay up late watching TV and browsing social media, then you might struggle sleeping. If you make an effort to shut all electronics and lights off before going to bed, though, you should have absolutely no problem sleeping at night. 

The Consensus? LED Lights Are Not Bad For Your Health

So what is the overall consensus? There is absolutely no major health risk to using LEDs in your home. While they may cause issues to people with existing conditions, the risk is rare. So if you’re wanting to purchase new LEDs for your home or business, we say go for it! You won’t be disappointed. 

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