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Light Your Campsite with LED Light Strings

Camping season is upon us yet again and that means that everyone is just itching to hit the trails. Camping is one of the best past times, but it can also be a bit daunting when it comes to preparation. You’ve got to gather all of your supplies, pack it into the car or RV and, once you finally arrive at your camping destination, you’ve got to unpack and set up everything.

It sure is a lot of work, but once you’re done the enjoyment is plentiful. That is, until the sun sets and you realize that it’s dark. Like, really dark. Flashlights are great and all, but they aren’t a replacement for ambient lighting. So don’t make a rookie mistake this year. Keep reading below as we talk about a fantastic solution the family is sure to love!

Types of outdoor LED string lights

There are many different types of outdoor string lights on the market. Ranging from $5 cheap strings to $30 high quality outdoor sets, there is bound to be something out there to fit your needs.

LED colors

In addition to coming in a vary of lengths, LED string lights come in any color imaginable. So if you’re looking to use a certain color (or multiple!) you will be able to find them in reds, blues, greens, etc. There are also plenty of variations of white light, including warm white and pure white.

LED bulbs and styles

There are also tons of LED bulbs. Looking for standard bulbs? No problem. Want some fun and flare? Try these flower light strings or this awesome Deco Patio set!

Camping string lights

Now that you know there are tons of options out there for LED camping string lights, you’re probably wondering how they can be used while camping. The short answer: any way you want! There are tons of ways you can use LED light strings while camping, but four of our favorite uses are below:

  1. Twist camping string lights around tree trunks or from tree branches to give the forest a really cool, whimsical vibe.
  2. Hang LED light strings from awnings or shelters for some much needed ambient lighting and shelter security.
  3. String LEDs between posts to create a hang-out space near the fire or your campsite.
  4. Use battery-powered string lights in lanterns to help guide you to the restrooms at night, or to mark your tent stakes. No one likes tripping on their own feet in the dark!

Pack up and head out!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to grab some LED light strings and hit the trails.

Not sure where to get high-quality LED light sets? Contact us today. At LED Lights Unlimited, we know the value of working with a real person to make your vision into a reality. Let’s bring your ideas to life and make your next camping trip a smashing success!


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